Hello , I’m Rachel and I hope you enjoy my blog.

First of all , a little about myself . I am a follower of Christ, Christian life coach ,  a law enforcement wife , a mother , and a paramedic of 25 years  . I love to care for others . I always felt it was my calling .  Now I have I am helping others in another way .

There have been times in my life I strayed from the Lord and at that time my life spiraled out of control . When I regained my life by reaching out to Jesus , I have followed him with my heart.

I have a passion for writing and reaching out to others in need . I feel everyone deserves chances in life.  I have formed a ministry that does that very thing .. We care for those in need and reach out with caring hearts .

I hope you enjoy my blog and feel free to share the links .

God bless you all ,

Rachel Lane




I believe in life we need encouragement and motivational words to lift our hearts. I am doing this using my love I have for Jesus Christ . Bringing  love , compassion , and strength to those ..

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