​Have you felt the roads you have taken in life have been hard and rough?

 I surr have !! I had a lot of bad times in my life , I know I have had times I lived like a demon … I will not deny that  not one bit … Some have never ( which is awesome) had a time in their life where they lived like I have and I do think how that would have been for me , would I have been the same person ?  … I do wish at times I could turn back a bit but then I look at what blessings God has given me from turning away from Satan.. My testimony … God uses my roads  both past and present to show others God is forgiving,  God does reward , the amazing feeling you have when you know God is with you at all times ….
Some roads where nothing but gravel beat down roads that were flooded by dirty water  that beat my skin , made my feet hurt like nothing I ever endured ,  and felt like I was going to drown . Some were dry , cold , dusty , roads that made it hard to breath and see … But I started walking on a lightly graded road , my gait was a little smoother and it made the pain less … Then I finally made it to the paved smooth like glass road.. My feet did not hurt,  I was not out of breath , and I could see clearly .. Sure I hit a few bumps in the road here and there but thats what they are bumps… I do not want to turn back time ..I want people to see my roads , because I’m not the only one that has travelled those …..

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