Struggling or Overlooked ???

​Have you ever been that one that is struggling and feel overlook ? Like people dont see you or you are invisible…..

It could be in anything … Work , home , church , friendships….

I sure have ..I can’t tell you how many times … Still do …. 

I have been struggling for a little bit with somethings and a sweet friend sent me a random message yesterday and asked how can I pray for you today and she told me she loved me … She’s a busy , busy lady but thought of me for a moment … That just was a relief for me like a weight off.. I was able to tell her how I needed prayer.. I felt light and I knew if she said she would pray she did !!!!!  
Friends ,  We  feel at times  no one sees us but one does .. Jesus … I know he sends us people to help when we are low and when we are struggling…….  Jesus knows our name and Jesus knows who we are……..

If you feel a struggle pray for God to help and send someone to you …. He will………

Jesus knows our hearts … Sometimes we do get overlooked and people get tied up in their own lives … We all do that….Just know someone sees you ….. 
Dont forget to ask that someone that looks like they are struggling too … You may be that person that God is sending to them..

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