Live life , Let go , Be Free 

​I was thinking today how much I have  changed from years ago .  I just shook my head because I was filled with a lot of nonsense,  that’s the only way I can describe it .. .. It’s a wonderful feeling loving  life , not worrying , not having the agitation and dislike for so much .. I carried it and it was heavy .. 
I  look at the silly things I would fret or get irritated at and all the things I handled wrong with anger.   Now I am living !!! I love life , I see things differently .  I see if people are being ugly , I don’t have to be angry , that’s between them and God.. If God moves my feet I go .. If I do something out of line with God.  I am accountable , no one else… It’s all  me ..I live wanting to please God and not this world…    Friends if you haven’t let go of some things , oh me let it go and start 

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