Have your ever felt that you were just drifting in life or fighting rough seas ?  We all have been there , sometime or another in life . Did we ever take our eyes off of the light and stumbled  into the darkness ?

As we sail along in life .. There’s a time we have to break down our vessel and sail to make sure all is well . We have to check our navigation system at times so we don’t lose our way .

First we take down our sail , see our sail is the pieces of  our life . It’s our struggles , our pain , our happiness , and our love . It’s bounded by faith and strength . Sometimes there is a hole and it has to be fixed , it has to be patched  together . But it will be stronger than ever  If we allow the patch to stay in place ..

Our vessels need to be cleaned from time to time .  We have to empty all the trash and dirt that has accumulated through life.  Our vessels are our hearts . Has yours ever been filled with dirt ? Everything needs to be dusted or emptied at times . Thats with everything as time goes on in life .. Empty your vessel when needed .. It will be lighter and cleaner …

Now we have our sail patched and our vessel cleaned .. We have to check our navigation system . . Is our destination put in correctly ? Is the light in view ?    Jesus is our light , our Lighthouse .  He will guide us across dark waters , he will draw us toward the light during storms . Jesus will brighten the sun to warm our face and to blind the evils around us , so they can not shadow our being .

The sea that we have placed our vessel on is life . The way we move across life can be rough ,  can be smooth at times , we may even just float .. BUT do we know why ? Do we lose sight of the true light ,the way ? Do we understand the mmovement of the sea ?

Sometimes we make our own way in life , some bad and some good .. BUT if we keep our vessel clean ,  our sail strong , and our navigating fixed on the light . We can enjoy the smooth glide and understand the times we just float. We can fight the rough seas and we can pull ourselves back when we set a drift .

Look to the Heavens as our gift and the seas as life .. 

Focus on the light , Jesus is our guide . 

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