I’m afraid of the dark because it’s creepy !

Remember growing up , being  afraid of the dark ? Being that kid that tucked under the covers at night because the dark was “creepy” or hiding outside in the dark and scaring the living  night out of your friends …I DO ! I remember hiding in my closet with a little flashlight because my room was to dark . I would be so afraid , I could literally feel the presence of something creepy . You know how the mind plays the games with you when you are afraid …

Why are we afraid of the dark ? Is it the unknown or the days of growing up thinking evil , creepy things were hidden in the dark ?

We can’t see the in the darkest of the night , but our fears are calmed when the sun appears over the horizon . Even when see light through a key hole in a dark room our fears are slightly calmed .

God our Father in Heaven created light by the SUN . A beautiful glimmer in the sky that gives us the light and warmth we need . We are provided the light to see our way to warm our skin and to brighten our minds . It’s a sense of security ,  we see what’s ahead .

The other light of this world is the SON of GOD, our Savior , Jesus Christ .  He is our light in this life . If we will focus on his light we shall not fear the darkness for which the evil learks . If we pull down our covers from our faces we will see the glimmer of the SON , the love and compassion that Jesus gives . As John 8: 12 speaks “he that follow me shall not walk in darkness ,  but shall have the light of life . We follow Jesus we have eternal life with him .. We shall never walk in the darkness . .

So to what learks in the darkness ,  those that deeds are evil , they hate the light . Jesus is the light of this  life , he has saved us because he loves us . The evil in the dark is “Creepy ” and scary ..and evil hates Jesus …

When we feel we have to hide in our closet with our little flashlight because of the darkness of the world is terrifying . Look past the dark and reach for the glimmer of the light . Jesus is there to take our hand and will not let go …. you will not longer have to fear the darkness .. For we have the light of life .

John 8: 12

Then spake Jesus again unto them saying , I am the light of the world ; he that follow me shall not walk in darkness ,  but shall have the light of life ..

One thought on “I’m afraid of the dark because it’s creepy !

  1. Praise God for Jesus being our light in this dark world. As long as I keep my eyes on the Light–Jesus, I do not have to fear anything. He is the One in absolute control. Thanks for sharing.

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