What’s holding you back ? You …

Don’t be the one to hold yourself back … God will pave the path for you .. just look over the clumps and bumps .. they will crumble under you feet as you make your way to your purpose…they will be smooth and fine after you travel it a few times … God did not promise we would have it easy all the time ,  or decisions would be easy to make . Even going the way he wishes , we may still have bumps ..Don’t stop ! God is not the master of confusion .. We tend to be the ones that confuse things .. Because we are going against his will .

Question  ….Do we hold ourselves  back at times because we are afraid or have an uncertainty about the situation . . Of course ,  I believe we all have done this at one time .. But is it getting to a point that you are becoming depressed or feeling your mind is becoming stagnant because you are holding back … You can see and almost touch your potential but won’t allow yourself to step forward . This could be hurting you .. If God has placed and cleared a path for you  , GO !!!   Move forward , God will not send you out without knowledge of what to do .. Yes , we  may have to search a bit or look a little harder at times , but that does mean to stay in the crossroad .. Take the first step !!! God will hold you steady if he sent you that way …

I have done this exact thing in my life . . I have stood at the crossroad and was afraid to move.  My calling was waiting  but I didn’t answer … I waisted time in my life but not moving … And things didn’t go as well if I would have only taken the first step . .

True ,  we  may not know all the answers of the questions we have . But God does .. He will not fail you .

 I am at a age in life I see things differently. I use to be the one to hold myself back from my potential  because I was uncertain .  Now I ask ” Lord take me where I am to be , I will not hold myself back any longer ” 

 My calling in life is what God has placed on me as my duty , my purpose  … I know what I am to do and I know God has my road paved and marked for me …. I will not be lost because God has my trust and my faith .. 

My calling .. Well .. is calling my name and I am answering  it .

What’s holding you back ?

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