Push Forward ,  let God do his work 

Friends , Have those days your feet are so heavy with pain , loneliness , guilt , even the feeling of being lost ?  I certainly have more than I can count.  My feet would feel so heavy and my chest felt like it was going to explode with anxiety to the the point I would just stare in the mirror and say ” now what “.

I was lost on what to do . I prayed and prayed for God to help my thoughts but I felt I was alone and God didn’t hear me .. When I know he did …It took great thought and a sit down with myself to evaluate what was happening. Why was I still feeling this pain and other emotions that were taking over my mind .
After I sat back and looked hard at myself , I figure out what was going on with this calamity in my mind  . God was trying to lead me but I was not doing the work , I was not letting him .. I wanted him to take it  from me but I did not let him.  My flesh and heart  was wanting God to just take over  but I was not helping myself by allowing this .  .I would not move forward when he showed me the path . .
I felt my steps would be so hard that I couldn’t do it . Like my feet would be like stones trying to move .. ..I believe during this moment God lifted  my foot to make the first step , even though it was a baby step .. I moved .. I could literally feel me being pushed . God knew I was tired and exhausted , being the good father he is .. God made me work , he made me take the first step to help myself and that was allowing him to do his work ..He was making a path for  me to take .. a lighter path .. He lighten my burdens on my mind and I could move !!  Each step was easier and easier  .  There were times I would stop  but I would feel that little lift in my step .. I knew that was God pushing me forward pasked  my emotions
God is there for us and he will not leave us friends  . Let him do his work  . Don’t give up !!  He knows we hurt and feel loneliness.. Jesus felt these emotions at one time. ..  when you feel like you have stones for feet , ask God to give that little lift and  next thing you know you have made a step .. A step forward … he has the strength !!!!

7 thoughts on “Push Forward ,  let God do his work 

  1. So glad you took that step out in faith. God really does have our best in mind when he pushes us, although I know it can be hard sometimes! I have to remind myself He may ask me to take steps that feel like dropping off a canyon, but He never will let go of me.

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  2. I’m glad that our loving Father knows us better than we do and can provide the motivation we need to do the next right thing. Thanks for the reminder that ultimately, it’s all His work.

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  3. Brave woman 🙂 I recently asked God in a recent conversation how come breakthrough doesn’t always just happen. I felt him answer me by saying that it can and sometimes does but most of the time he wants us, his children, to partner with him because that’s what releases the breakthroughs in our lives. Its hard though because we feel despair and lose hope. Thankfully God loves to encourage us and push us on towards victory, freedom, and rejoicing.

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