Failure , Pride, Ouch!!

Failure ..  This little word can define how someone feels about mistakes or misfortune in life.  It can be a terrifying word for some because they will not allow failure in their life .. But can you really stop it .. No .  Is there not a moment in everyone’s life that something did not go just right , a new job didn’t work out .  What about relationships or friendships ?  Do we define a ” fail ”  as being a ” fallure ” ? 

I used to be one of those that was terrified by the word. I would cover my ears and shake my head no .. I can not fail  !!  Oh how wrong I was !  It took me many years and many ” fails ” to completely understand that I would have a failure at some point in my life and it was ok . It did not mean I was a complete ” failure in life ” .

I have examined the times in my life that I failed .. Some were by my own hands , but some were just the way it was. It was life .. I always had a horrible habit of placing my expectations high  on myself than others ever did .  It was a ” me ” issue .  I felt there was no room in life to fail . I would beat myself and tear down everything I set out to do if I did not make the cut .. It took a long , long look for me to understand that I was not perfect or the one that succeeded in everything I set out to be .. 

As I studied myself , I saw it was  turning out to be a pride issue for me . I did not want others to see me fail  and I did not leave room for it . I  had to be the Superwoman in Life .. 

 Why was it so important to me ? I was being prideful.  I was not necessarily trying all the time to succeed for myself but it was for others to see as well .

Ouch !!!!! Oh how did that smart when I figured it out !  My eyes became open when and clear when I started following the Lord . I started to read many passages in the bible about pride . What a time I had with trying to tip toe around this .. My toes were pretty sore for awhile .  

I remember James 4: 6 ..

But he gives us even more grace to stand against such evil desires .  As the Scriptures say , God opposes the proud but favors the humble .

Oh I how prayed for the Lord to forgive my ways .. After I read this verse  , I was shamed because I did not want to be or do anything that God opposed to . I had always thought I was a humble person but looking deeper into my heart  , I  was prideful at times .. My way of thinking of failure define this .  

I have now excepted and learn from my failures . I welcome the lessons I have and will learn from them . The Lord does not approve of a prideful heart and I did not want to be disapproved of by my Father . As faith and strength grew ,  I see and seek ways to improve myself .   I do not let my failures and flaws define me . I let my love and faith define my heart. 

My lesson :  I want to please my  Father in Heaven ,  not others .. I have replaced my pride with learning and acceptance of ” I will make mistakes and things will not always plan out the way my eyes see .. 

2 thoughts on “Failure , Pride, Ouch!!

  1. Thank you for being vulnerable and writing this piece. So many women can relate to this (myself included). I really loved this line, ” I want to please my Father in Heaven , not others .. I have replaced my pride with learning and acceptance of ” I will make mistakes and things will not always plan out the way my eyes see”


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