Just be still and wait ..

How many times have you heard the little phrase   ” just be still and wait a minute ?  ”  When I was growing up this was an everyday saying in our house . Our patience was probably as short as a millimeter . . Especially if it was something we really wanted or to do . If we didn’t get it , there was devastation in the house .  A lot of our wants , we thought were needs ..

Do we get this way in our adulthood  ?  Oh I have and do .  Sometimes I still feel my patience is the length of that millimeter.  There have been many times in my life and I know many of you , that we wait and wait , with still no answer from God . We pray so hard at times , and cry out when we need help or feel we are in need .  Those times we may not get the answer when we want it ..

Do we forget who God is sometimes ?   The Creator of all , the one that knows us better than anyone , and  the one that knows best for us .  

You know  there are times God wants to sit us down like a father and say ” Just be still and wait ” . God knows what lies ahead when we do not ..  It is very frustrating at times because we are of the flesh . But friends , God knows what he is doing , when we don’t . 

Look at Paul  , he was in prison and was persecuted waiting to see the plan God had for him . What did Paul do while he was waiting ? He taught anyone and everyone that would listen of the he good news which was Christ.   

Philippians 1: 12 

 And I want you to know, my dear brothers and sisters, that everything that has happened to me here has helped to spread the Good News.

Paul used his time waiting for the good .  He ministered to those . Waiting can be hard and when we don’t get the answers we want , devastation can set in . There has been times for me when I was defeated over an answer I wanted to hear was not there ..

 When my dad died , it was a terrible time in my life . We had received the call he was found unresponsive and the ambulance was there . Oh my heart died . I was a paramedic , so I understood more than I wanted at the time .  We had over 30 miles to drive to get to him . When we arrived,  one of the men that worked on my dad , meet us outside and told me he was gone .. That was not my answer… My wait to the hospital and prayer I prayed , I knew my answer was going to be different . I knew my prayer would be answered.  But  was not what I heard  .  I slipped away from God  . My heart hurt like anything I ever had encountered . I slipped away from the Lord , and gradually  I slipped more and more . I know God was waiting for me to come back to him  .

After  a few years , I started to realize and heal . My dad loved the Lord and was a servant .  I knew without a doubt he was with his Father in Heaven . . He did jail ministry which he loved .. He had no judgement for anyone . 

My wait from the time I heard those words , from the time it took me to heal were very difficult . But I am now waiting to see my dad again .  My answer was given to me by God it was   ” I will see my dad again ” 

In my time now  , I am ministering to women in jail and have a ministry .. I feel my dad with me each step  .  See friends God did not give me the answer I wanted at first , but I have received my plan in life and have received many answers . Don’t give up on your waiting .  

If you see someone during their wait time , give compassion and love . Ithe can be a hard road to travel .
Don’t forget what the Lord has said . 
Psalm 46 :10 

“Be still , and know that I am God !!

I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world .”

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