Second Chances do exist 

       But you ,  O Lord are a God of compassion and Mercy,  slow to get angry and filled with unfailing love and faithfulness 
                 Psalm 86 :15  ( NLT)

Do you believe in second chances?

I certainly do , because I have been given the gift of a second chance in life. There was a time I strayed from God and I went beyond living of the world . It took me to hit the bottom of life to lookup to the Lord and cry out to him . I cried for forgiveness and needing him in my life . It wasn’t but a day after I reached for him that I had a undescribable,  amazing feeling  . I knew at that moment God never left me because I could feel the  Holy Spirit  touch in my heart .. I realized God gave me a second  chance . This is were my walk with Christ began .

I remember a lady I met a few years  ago on the ambulance that has stuck to my heart .  ( I was a veteran paramedic with many years behind me )  . My unit got a call for a female having suicidal thoughts . When we arrived ,I found a young woman trembling and crying to a point she could catch her breath . I started to talk to her and we started to form a trust . She began to tell me her story of losing her children , drugs , and other horrible things that happened in her life.  This woman was ready to die . I have heard stories as this many times but she was different,  I couldn’t pin point it . She grabbed my hand and said she had been clean for 7 months  and was getting her life back but no one would help her. She had been trying to find a church but was being judged , she tried finding a home but there was nothing.. She tried a job , see where the story goes …I saw papers she had and the letters of rejection. I gave her my bracelet that I wore all the time .. It was a WWJD beaded bracelet a friend made and we prayed together She had reached out and asked for forgivness. . That day a man from a motorcycle church had given me a card with the information on it .. I didn’t know why until this lady. I remembered and reached in my pocket and gave it to her . The story goes I saw her a few months later and she had an apartment ,  a job , and was seeing her children .. God gave her a sec9bd chance .

Do you remember the men in the bible Jonah , Samson , and David ? Did God not give them another chance?  Yes , just as many others in the bible . God is merciful and forgiving . He loves us and gives more chances than we deserve ..

Jesus has commanded us to Love one another .  We are also told God will forgive with a repenting heart.  But with this we have to forgive those that have wronged us.

Matthew 6 : 15 ( NLT ) tells us ” But if you refuse to forgive others , your Father will not forgive your sins ” 
Does this not sound like a fair God amd a loving God ? He wants us to love and forgive our brothers and sisters.

A few months ago I started a ministry in our community . I have seen the need for second chances.  I have heard the stories from the jail ministry I am involved with and the people that are on hard times .. Our ministry is here to provide that second chance . We provide a chance to start new , to feed , to clothe , and most of all show the Lord is a God of another chance and will give the chance of life .  Jesus did not go out into the righteous . He went into the prisons,  the poverty,  the ones that suffered with leprosy..

Colossians 3:14
” Above all , clothe yourselves with love which binds us all together in perfect harmony ” 
Love , forgiveness , and  compassion . 

Rachel  Lane


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