Into the Storm 

Peggy’ s Bathroom she was hiding in .

Where her home once stood.

Have you ever looked at the sky right before a storm , watching the clouds roll in , getting ready to unleash a storm on the land ? Have you ever been afraid of the storm ?

May 20th , 2013 Moore Oklahoma was devastated by a EF5 tornado . The storm was quick and fierce , it took the lives of 24 people and injuried over 377. The winds reached up to 210 MPH and when touched down stretched 2 to 3 miles wide. The destruction was heartbreaking .

I went to Moore for disaster relief 2 days after . It was a long trip of 12 hours . I had caught a ride with the rotary club to meet up with a crew I didn’t know ,but I knew I was suppose to go . My mind was not prepared for what I saw when we arrived . I had been to Katrina and a few relief trips but it was not like this .

When we pulled up it was like someone had turned on a switch . Homes were standing in area and then the next destruction , nothing was standing . The sound of silence was deafening . I will never forgot that sound .

We were on our 2nd day clearing paths and taking food to those that were in need . We came across a small room that use to be a bathroom in a beautful home . The house was gone except for the walls . We just stood in disbelief of how it was still standing . A car pulled up next to our tractor and work truck . It was the owner of the home . (I will call her Peggy) The woman was bruised and had cuts all over . Her hair was full of dirt and mud and her eyes were tired . I asked her if she was ok . Peggy said ” Yes I am , I had Jesus with me , I am fine ” .

The storm battered woman began to tell her story ..Peggy said she heard the sirens and knew to take shelter. But the storm was moving so fast she didn’t have time . Peggy grabbed her dogs and they jumped into the bathtub . She started to pray and cry out to God for safety . She could hear the roar of the tornado coming toward her . The house began to shake and was being ripped apart. Peggy looked up and the roof started to peel off , fear came over her and her tears and cries were louder so was her prayer . At that moment she saw a small opening of light. Peggy said she could feel Jesus holding her . She felt the peace of his presence protecting her . Then it all got quite. The tornado rushed by as quick as it came . Peggs realized she was ok and so was her dogs. She got out of the tub and saw 3 walls in that room still standing with no roof . She opened the small door and there was nothing there , her home was gone . All she could say was Thank you Jesus !!!! She cried and praised his name . He protected her and gave her the courage to fight her fear. Peggy felt the strength of God that helped her overcome.

My face was damp from the tears and I could do nothing but hug her . We cried and in the same voice rejoiced ..

Remember the disciples they were afraid of the storm on the Sea of Galilee in Mark 4 35- 41 . They called to Jesus that was asleep. Jesus woke and calmed the storm . But did they have faith ? They were afraid while Jesus was asleep . They had become frightened due to their faith was weak .

Matthew 14 22 : 23 . Peter was walking towards Jesus but fear came over him . Jesus reached for his hand . Have you ever felt like Peter at that moment ?

Do we reach for Jesus at times and when things are frightening but let go when our fear overcomes ? Or when we feel confident in a situation and take ours eyes off Jesus just for a second , we start to sink . Don’t be like Peter and take your eyes off Jesus for one second . Peter took his eyes off Jesus and he began to sink . But Jesus reached for him and Peter was safe.

Just as Peggy in the F5 she was frightened when she saw the roof being ripped from the storm but she started to cry out louder . She took her eyes of Jesus for a second and fear came in. But when Peggy reached back out to him she felt his presence and she was safe

If you see a storm and feel the presence upon you , Don’t take your eyes off Jesus. He will reach out to you and help you through the storm. You don’t have to do it alone …

Inspirational Life

Rachel E Lane

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