Social Media fueling our emotions ?

Have you ever been so furious over a post on Facebook or twitter that your day was ruined or you typed out your anger on that post ?  Did that person reply with fuel and ignited a huge fire of anger ? Do we get  angry at people  when you see them being different on different outlets ..  Comment after comment flying through the Web of ignited words . Our buttons keep being pushed and we keep getting fueled with anger . 

The  3 most opinion based topics are , Religion,  politics , and money.  They have been studied and cause the most opinionated arguments . It was also said that Chrisitans become angry and speak out with misinterpretation of  bible verses and hypocritical lives . ( social media and home ) These  are not my words . Theses are the studies that were done  .  I was kinda set back when I saw studies had been done  on these topics .  Why was this a science study ? Maybe because there’s a problem rising it’s head. (Hate, depression,   and bullying on social media).   I think everyone that has been on social media has had a time where emotions got the best of us and we lashed out . We had a dose of courage behind the keyboard and our emotions were high …  But is it right ?  Are we to stir conflict.? 

I have done a lot of studying on words . How we use them , our intentions , do we speak in anger ? I use to struggle with words . I was angry,  quick tempered at times , but when I started my life over with Jesus my words were no longer angry or quick ..

  Words can be sharp as a knife or sweet as honey  . It’s  our choice how that’s done … I had read a statement in an article that said  ” saying what needs to be said ” That’s what we need to do . .  I had split emotions on this . At one end I thought sometimes we need to stand up for what’s right but then the other end I thought , we as Chrisitans are suppose to hold our tongues ,  watch our words , not to stir conflicts .. I turned this statement every way possible , to see both ways .. So I opened my bible .

I found many verses speaking of harsh words and anger . The one that stood out to me

Proverbs 15: 1  ( N I V )

A gentle answer turns away wrath but a harsh word stirs up anger ” .

This verse says it all to me .  If I repay harsh words with others ,  it  just fuels the situation. This can open door that doesn’t need to be opened . It’s easy to look at a computer and type words when we are angry . A certain bout of ” courage” happens . Things are said that may not have ever been said face to face .Are we fueling the fire ? Are we participating in a conversation we don’t need to be in ?  Our emotions are running rapid and our thoughts are firing through our finger tips . Do we need to stop and think ?  

As Galatians 5 : 15 says ” But if you are always biting and devouring one another , watch out . Beware of destroying one another .

 Oh my what a verse !!!   If we are always looking and lashing out at others because of something we disagree with , it will cause a disconnect from each other and then a devastating crash of a relationship or character will happen . We can biblically fall .

There are times a miscommunication or misinterpretation of a post  that cause a fire . There are times we jump before listening or we don’t evaluate the intent .  Sometimes our best way is not to reply ,not to argue . But to let our words be pleasing to the LORD .  I know there have been times God looked down on me and had nothing but disappointment  in me for my words and my reaction to anger.

Psalm 19 : 14  ( N  I V )

May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight .  Lord my rock and my Redeemer . 

Christians can use social media as a garden for planting the seed of Jesus . It  can be used for great ministry .  People write their testimonies ,  mission work is shared , and even people being brought to the Lord . We can us it as our ground of encouragement and hope ..

Our times have changed from many years ago and we have the means to spread the gospel in many ways . We need to plant the seeds , be  encouraging to others , and inspiring . The last thing we should want to do is to stomp  what has been planted by snarky and hateful words .

Pick each other up and let Jesus shape our words .  We can reply with love  . Watch placing ourselves out there … Speak the way we  live and also live it ..

Put the fuel away and smother the fire . Don’t let the triggers of social media place your emotions on high .. Cool them off with love .

Just a reminder .. We are not forced to ne on social media .  It can cause problems of allowed . If you find yoyr self being angry everytime you look at it or people trying to dictate your page by bullying .. Take a break from it .. You will be refreshed !!!!  I did … 

John 13 : 34 ( N I V)

A new command I give you . Love one another , as I have loved you,  so you must love one another ..


 Inspirational Life 

Rachel E Lane 

7 thoughts on “Social Media fueling our emotions ?

  1. Very good post. I used to really get into that replying and arguing way before I became a Christian. God’s word has taught me a lot about letting my emotions get the best of me and helps me a lot with social media posts that I don’t agree with. God Bless!

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  2. What I liked about your post is how you discussed how something good (defending the faith) can be done in a sinful way. What I’ve started doing is praying before I respond. I’ve found taking those few seconds to pause and ask God to work through me helps me to respond not only in a calmer way, but it also gives me insight into a better response because I’m letting the Holy Spirit work through me. I think we as Christians also have to recognize that sometimes, when it comes to social media, it may be better to just not respond. I’ve had times where I realized it was getting too emotional and just stepped back. At that point, it is a pride issue, but I know I have to humble myself and let people think I don’t have an answer rather than add to the fuel of their hate towards our faith.

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    • You are so right ! I just stay way from it also . I get really upset seeing debates over God on the social media . It really hurts to see the conflict . I have stepped back far from it. It can be a terrible breeding ground ..Thank you so much for your comment . I agree completely with you .

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  3. Oh my gosh. I see people get worked up on social media all the time. I gt upset about what people post too, but i just unfollow or keep scrolling. Its too petty to stay worked up on.

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  4. Yes, it happens quite often. On those days that our emotions are out of wack, it’s best we stay away from social media. Don’t feed into things that cause you to be angered. Avoid conflict with people. The important thing to remember is that we are representatives of Jesus Christ. WWJD Spread love, joy and peace. HATE won’t take us anywhere but to a dark place.

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