What are your Gaints? 

Do you remember hearing the story of David and Goliath as a child ? How the small boy used his sling shot to kill the massive gaint ?  I think this was one of the most popular children’s bibles stories when I was growing up . Everyone cheered on the small underdog fighting the gaint man  , but was the small young man actually the underdog?

There are many lessons we can learn from this story , it’s not just of an underdog  defeating the gaint . It is about faith , courage  , and accomplishment . All given from God .

There have been times in my life I was like the Israelites , I was frightened by the massive problem at hand . I did not use my faith to get me through , I fell on emotions and fear  . If I would have been closer to God and used faith to fight , I would have been able to fight my gaints in life . Now , I see the Lord as my strength when I don’t have it to fight . Faith is my weapon . It’s the Lord’s battle .

Let’s learn from David .

I Samuel 17 


David the Shepherd,  was strong in faith and loved the Lord . As he protected his sheep from a bear and a lion , David protected the Israelites from Goliath of Gath.  As the story goes through of serving Saul , to volunteering to fight the Goliath when no other would  , David was scorned  by his brother for being at the front of battle , he had to convince Saul to allow him to fight , Even Saul the tallest in his kingdom would not fight Goliath  but what faith David had !  He stood up to fight against the Gaint in his life , in the lives of God’s people .  Do we have that faith during our times of feeling defeat ?

How many of you have ever have gaints in your life? Did the gaint torment ,  cursed you , hurt you , tried to destory you ? Goliath cursed and mocked God’s people for 40 days . He mocked David , and cursed our Lord . Standing over 9 ft tall Goliath was fearless.

Just as our gaints they no fear , they seek out to harm and destruction. They will not stop until we as the David’s in our time stop it  . It can be loneliness,  depression,  addictions , rejection , family problems , sickness many , many more we can face . With these at our feet do we fight with what God can give us . Sometimes we may have to search but it’s there . We don’t need swords or armor  , we need faith !


 1 Samuel 17 :45  ( NLT  )

But David said to him , ” You come to me using a sword , a large spear amd a small spear . But I come to you in the name of the Lord of Heavens armies , He’s the God of the armies of Israel ! You have spoken out against him . 

David did not see Goliath as a massive man that wanted to destory him , he looked at the gaint as God would see him  . David saw Goliath as a problem that had to be taken care of . David faced that gaint with linen cloth on his back and his herding staff , no sword , no shields.. He had God!!! 

1 Samuel 17:47  ( NLT )

Everyone gathered here will know the Lord does not need swords or Spears to save people , The battle belongs to him ! And he will help us defeat you all . 


As Goliath came closer to David on the battle field , David placed his rock into his sling and slung the rock . The stone hit the gaint in his forehead amd it sank into it . Goliath fell .. The mighty gaint fell !!!  Can we do this with our gaints ? Yes we can !! We have  the power and that power is through God.  Look your gaint in the face as David and sling your stone !! I know there may be times we need help with ours but God will help provide that help . It’s up to us if we see it  , if we see past the emotions and see our Lord standing there  , reaching for us.

My sisters ,

I understand and know  first hand our gaints can be great and can be difficult to fight . But remember Satan wants us to be defeated . God will help defeat the gaint .. If it’s through a pastor , counselors , friends , or programs take that . God maybe showing the way .  Trust and let the Lord have all of you !!!! 



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