God and Doritos 

God and Doritos…..you gotta read this…it’s true
After a particularly rough morning at the Fontana house. I was disheveled,disorganized and disoriented. We made it to school, reach in my bag for the check for lunches…not there…WHAT?? After a week of trying to get to school WITH the check …not there…frustration abounds….so after we run out of ideas…what do we often do? Cry out for help…so here’s how it went…God, you know, I have been having a hard time keeping up with stuff lately, I know a lunch check is not anywhere as important as the starving kids in Africa, I am grateful that my children eat lunch every day and it’s not an issue, if you wouldn’t mind helping me find this check, cause God, you KNOW if I have to tell my husband I have lost this check, it isn’t going to be pretty for me, I have kind of made it hard on him lately since I can’t keep up with stuff….so, if you wouldn’t mind…thanks

The voice in my head says, “it’s in the bag under the Doritos….Okay, well that is a weird answer. There was only one bag in the car, an empty insulated bag. God says open, you do what you’re told, right? Open the bag…no check, open it all the way…in that bag was another bag~a Bi-lo bag and in that bag was an open package of Doritos (I had NO idea they were in there) then I start to get excited….I empty out the Doritos and there is the check…seriously….God, thanks…and when you see Doritos my friends, remember God hears our requests both big and small. I praise his name for his never ending presence in all things…
and now you have…the Rest of the Story…


Angie Fontana

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