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Kate Hendrick is a guest blogger from Stumbling Toward Sainthood . She writes about overcoming the challenges people face as they strive to live authentically Christian lives in a culture that often opposes Christian values . You can also find Stumbling Toward Sainthood on Facebook , Instagram  , and Twitter. 




Getting diagnosed with LADA ( Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults: very similar to type 1 / juvenile diabetes )at the age of 21 was my rick bottom . Though there was nothing I did to cause this disease , it was the final loop of the downward spiral I found myself dragged along over a several month span.

I was facing a lot of challenges during that time , and I responded to the brokenness I was feeling in ways that only harmed me more physically and or / spiritually. Recognizing that I had a life-changing illness was the start of a wake-call that I truly needed God.

Two and a half years later , I am a pretty similar place physically . Though my Blood sugar levels are much better  , controlled , I still struggle physically when it comes to dealing with this disease . what has changed is my spiritually disposition .

Shortly after I was diagnosed , I went to a huge ( 10,000+people ) Catholic conference and attended a number of talks . There was one on happiness that really stood out to me at the time. , but what has particularly stuck with me since then is a series of verses the speaker mentioned the Bible . Some googling of vague phrases led me to 2 Corinthians 12: 7-9. Since then , those few sentences have provided a lot of guidance as I’ve come to terms with dealing with my illness.


Therefore , that I might not become too elated , a thorn in the flesh was given to me, and angel of Satan , to beat me , to keep me from being to elated.  Three times . I begged the Lord about this , that it might leave me , but he said to me , ” My grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness , ” I will rather boast most gladly of my weaknesses , in order that the power of Christ may dwell in me . 

One of the things that always struck me was that Paul’s faith did not waiver. Paul, the writer of the  passage , was formerly known as Saul of Taurus. Saul had it pretty good. He had a Roman citizenship and was well-educated . prior to his conversion , he was zealously persecuting Christians . However Saul Had a miraculous conversion leading him to be one of the very important person of Christ . One would think that he would be rewarded for such a radical change and serving God.

Instead , from this passage , we learn that Paul was undergoing some suffering . We don’t know what exactly was bothering him ( if it was physical or spiritual ill ) , but we do know he that it was incredibly challenging for him. When the bible says that a request was made three tim es. , that doesn’t necessarily mean that he literally asked three times . Instead , it demostrzes that this plea was made a number of times and was made quite desperately .

When we suffer , our faith is shaken . We turn inwards and wrap ourselves up with the hurt, blocking out other with fears it will only make things worse. We question what we did to deserve this . We question why a loving God would do this o us . W may even try to turn out backs on the God. Paul , however shows us that the answer is to let God work through us .

Gods answer may sometimes seem like a no . I know when I diagnosed , there were some people who though it was just a fluke . I had a lot of praters said over me , Someone from the outside may see this as God not helping me .


However , I know that this illness has strengthened my spiritual life in a was I could not have imagined otherwise . I know that I am absolutely hopeless without  God . If we were left alone to Conquer that ails us and do what god calls us to do , we would fail. Instead , God tells us his grace is sufficient , There is no effort needed on our part to accomplish this task .

By relying on God and letting Him take the steering wheel , my life goes in a much better direction , I experience strength in ways I couldn’t imagine . In my weakness , specifically my abandonment to God . His power is perfect.

This realization that God will collaborate with us in our low moments should bring us joy , and Paul rightfully boast of this ,. I’m not saying we need to go around cheering about teh suffering we encounter , but we should find contentment in knowing that if we give that weakness to God , His will ,which is much netter than ours , will prevail.







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