” Photoshop “

Have you ever taken that one picture that did not satisfy you ? You took it over and over , photoshopped it , til it did not even look like the image you photographed .. You used fillers , softened lines , darkened makeup , even changed your skin tone .. Why ? Is it because we  need to see perfection or fill insecurities .

This brings on the topic you are about to read.. 

I had been on a mission trip to the beautiful mountains in Kentucky.  The scenery is nothing but perfection in itself .  As I was looking and soaking all this wonderful works of God in , it crossed my mind of the word  “Photoshop” .. Would someone take a picture of this perfect creation and try to make it  ” better ” by adding color or deleting this and that ..  This brought thought , do we do this with our lives ? 

These remarkable images God placed do not need to be fixed . When we try to make it  ” better ” doing this we chance destroying  and ” messing  up ” what God has done .  I see this in life experiences,  we seek more than what we need or what we are and it can be destroyed by our need to feel important or different . 

Society has such a  great influence on people , which leads us to seek the approval and to be frank,  someone we are not  ” photoshop ” . Especially the young people.. Our teens.

What we need to remember is , we all will have struggles and problems in life , there is not one soul that will go without an issue .. This is not to say we just expose everything that goes wrong , especially in a negative way ,  but we don’t have to pretend it’s not there … We never know who we can help that is having the exact same struggle… We can’t do that if we are  pretend to be perfect , right ? Because we would have no problems .. 

What does God say about this ?  Being PERFECT 

Ecclesiastes 7 : 20  ( NLT )

Nothing a single person on earth is always good and never sin 

Sometimes we forget who made us in his image .. GOD.  He did not make ugly . The Lord made all things beautiful , the way he WANTED .  The Lord’s eyes are much more gracious and loving than society.. Should his eyes be the only ones we should want to please ? 

Friends , Our lives will never be perfect , nor will our looks or bodies .. 

The Lord loves us for who he made. He knows we are not perfect and never will be ..He says this in his word many times .  Be filled with LOVE for yourself for the LORD made you the way he wanted. Not a Photoshopped image. 

Psalm 139 : 14 ( NLT) 

I praise you because you made me in an amazing amd wonderful way .What you have done is wonderful , I know this very well .

Praise his name for making you the way he felt need .Have no worries of what the world sees your image as , because it will never be enough for them. It’s not REAL ..

As Jesus said to his followers in Luke 12

22 So I tell you , don’t worry about the food you need to live.  Don’t worry about the clothes you need for your body . 23 Life is more important than clothes . 

Listen to words of the only Perfect being to walk this earth … Jesus… 

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