Do we choose wisely ?

Did you ever have that one friend growing  that mom or dad did not approve of or even in adult hood   ?

I have ……
Have you been around that one person who’s words were pleasant and pretended to be kind but that was not their true self ?

I have ……

Sisters  , We should pick our friends very carefully .  We need friends that we can confide and trust , not the friends that will tell what was told to them …  Friends that will give us advice in the way the Lord would approve and not encourage wrongful doing .
Pick the friends  in your life that will not be deceiving . Those that are not  true .  If they pretend to be kind , and cover their hate with Wonderful words.. STAY CLEAR !!!!!

Proverbs 26 : 24 , 25.

People may cover their hatred with pleasant words  , but they are deceiving you . 25 They pretend to be kind , But their hearts are full of many evils ..

People as these are not to confide in and not to take advice from  .   I have been on this side .. The side of my words being told … .. I have thought someone was a friend but discovered my words to them was talked about to others … I have encountered the one that was  deceitful  of who they… were …One way to some  ,  but oh a truly different way by heart ..( I have experienced this mostly in adult hood , we are not an exception .. We don’t have to be kids for this to happen )
I see a lot of this with women I speak with.. They say they got with the wrong people and trusted when they knew not too . I ,  myself have done this .. I think we all have .. When it happens , oh it hurts but deep down we knew better .. We knew they were not the friends we needed …

We all need the friends that we can trust , love , and lift.  That will help each other in tough times.  The one friend that we can confide in , knowing our words are sacred and are kept in the ” secret box ” .. If we did not need friends , God would have not given us the relationships .

Don’t forget , a good friend can love like a sister , give each other encouragement,  and just make each other !! 

Proverbs 27 : 17

As iron sharpens iron , a friend sharpens a friend…….
Proverbs  12 :26  ( NLT)

The Godly give good advice to their friends , the wicked lead them astray ..

References :

Proverbs 12 -26

Proverbs 15-20

Proverbs 22 : 24 , 25

Choose wisely …
God bless ,
Rachel E Lane

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