Reach for Jesus 

Friends ,
Do you ever feel like you are drowning in life ?   Things are falling apart one after another , you can’t catch your breath for nothing ! It’s a terrible feeling of despair.
I have been there so many times .. I would just think ” what now ” . I can not take anymore .  When I started my journey of walking with Jesus , I kind of figured out a thing or two with these feelings..
When I walk with and to Jesus , I feel his touch of comfort and I see him reaching for me in trials . But when I take my eyes off of him , I start to sink and I can feel my heart  filling with troubles …. My mind starts to worry and become anxious ..
Now , I keep my eyes focused on Jesus and reaching out for him at all times  Even when I feel my arms are so tired and weak , I find strength in him to move ..
There’s one thing I can assure and have no doubt in life , is Jesus will NEVER leave me !!!!
I found this beautiful painting a few years ago , it touches my heart so much and is so powerful . I keep this vision in my mind when I feel like I’m slipping or starting to gasp .
Keep your eyes focused and your hand out for Jesus .. Keep this vision in your mind and when you feel like your drowning look up ……….

Rachel E Lane

Inspirational Life

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