Guest Speaker : Robyn Wilson Peake

TRobynhere is a cloud as small as a man’s hand I Kings 18:44

Ask- and keep asking; Knock- and keep knocking; Seek- and keep seeking Mt 7:7

Perseverance. It’s not always easy, is it? Actually it rarely if ever is!

My area has been very dry this summer. When the dogs run after sticks or the lawn gets mowed it looks like my own personal dust bowl! Tonight I am hosting an end of the summer party for a teen group, which will include a concert in the yard. In preparation I’ve been pulling myself away from business work in the evenings to get the grounds ready for everyone. As a result, I’m seeing the dry, dusty conditions up close and personal- much moreso than from just gazing out my window into the yard. As I worked I told God about needing the rain. Each evening as I worked I asked for at least gentle, overnight rain even if we couldn’t have an all day soaking. With each passing day, the importance grows, not just for my event but for an outdoor wedding we participate in soon. And as the days ticked off the calendar I asked God about it more regularly, with a growing sense of urgency. Not in anger, not demanding, but consistently letting Him know what’s on my heart and thanking Him because I am assured He has the plan.

I went to bed last night with a sky of whispy clouds and an abundance of stars, but halfway through I was awakened but the pattering, then whoosh of raindrops in escalation! What a wonderful sound! Gentle, no wind to drive them into my open windows or French doors, but just the solid steady downpour that fulfills its purpose. It was as if He awakened me to hear the answer He was giving and then lulled me back to sleep for the rest of the night, I stirred long enough to hear the answer, and then happily drifted back off.

This is such a small thing! There have been so many other things I have prayed with more fervency for, and for a more lengthy time, and things of a significantly sizeable nature. I still have “a big thing” that is “in process,” which I am presenting to Him repeatedly and going about my life awaiting His answer as I look for the result. I’m sure you can relate in your own life, right? May I encourage you: Elijah closed up the heavens for seven years with his decree and it did not rain. When he prayed for them to be re-opened, he sent his servant seven times to go look in the distance for any sign of the answer. Seven times he sent him, and seven times he went and returned. Six of those times of fervent prayer were met with a negative reply but on the seventh, he saw God’s answer in the distance. Elijah persevered, and when he saw a cloud as small as a man’s fist in the distance, he received it and acted on it.

How about you? Do you continue with your petitions and sharing with your Father what is on your heart? He does care. Are you staying in the place of looking for the answer or dropping it & walking away in irritation? Are you looking for signs He is in the process of proving Himself faithful? Do you have eyes to see the little cloud in the distance or are you negating your prayer & delaying the process with words that lack faith because you haven’t gotten caught in the downpour? Ask- and keep asking. Knock- and keep knocking. Seek- and keep seeking. He is faithful, and He is looking to prove that to you! Selah

Robyn Wilson Peake

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