” Just trust him “

IMG_1508963401495There are times when we are headed down life’s journeys we get lost or we don’t understand the path we are on .
It’s like crossing a bridge at night,  the ground underneath our feet is shaky and feels unstable. The breeze is cold and fierce .

When we glance over the side, our heart pounds with fear and below is the unknown.
We are high above life amd feel if we lean to far we will fall . If we look up we are frightened of the height ..
As we look ahead we see a dark gloomy exit , nothing but darkness .
We are frightened!!
Do not allow you fears of the unknown stop your journey .  Push your feelings and understanding behind you and follow God’s lead .
If we seek his guidance and his will , he will show us the way .. We may not understand it but will one day .
He will not let us fall off the that bridge.  Darkness will not consume us
We will walk right through it with the strength of God ..
Trust him with all your heart and allow his will to be done ..
God is always there , he is our rock , or comforter ..  let him have his way …
Rachel E Lane

Inspirational Life

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