Fear is growing stronger especially in today’s time . We become fearful in some of our everyday walks in life . This can be devasting to us .. it can cause us to succumb to our wounds . . 
Fear is a powerful weapon of the enemy and once he has won that battle , it will  destroy .  We are left in darkness because our light has been taken away by our fear. 
The bible speaks of fear many,  many times . Jesus would tell his disciples when they were frightened ” Fear Not “. He would reassure them to place their trust in him that he would be by their side . 
We also have that reassurance… the word of God .. 
In today’s walk , fear is popping up in everything we do . We fear life because of that  power our enemy is making us weak and in our weakness we try to do what our will says because we become impatient and want to flee . If we only place our trust in our Father , he will protect us .. his mighty hand will cover us … 
God’s will is perfect , for us to experience that we must trust him and hand over our fears . DO NOT PICK THEM UP AGAIN . 
The power of God’s words are more powerful that the enemies fear in us . That fear that evil sets in us is not match for the might punch of God’s words .. 
If you start to become afraid and anxious , grab your life line.. your bible….

Read the word of God.. his words will comfort you and reassure you . 
I use these scriptures when I become anxious or frightened .. they have pulled me out of that dark realm when I fall … 
Isaiah 41:10

2 Timothy  1:7

Psalm 118 : 6,7

Proverbs 29 :25

1 Peter 3 :14

Matthew 6 :34

Psalm 34:4

Phillipians 4: 6 ,7

Revelation 1 :17
Never forget the power of God’s words !!! 
Rachel E Lane 

Inspirational Life

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