Set free !!! 

IMG_20171112_160819_511.jpgHave you ever had difficulty forgiving or talked yourself into believing you did but the truth was , you didn’t?
How do you know you truly did not ?  Did just the sight of that person infuriated you or just hearing their voice , even seeing post on Facebook ..  That’s a question to ask .Sometimes we really think we had forgive but the heart was still wounded and covered that forgiveness . .
Remember , self forgiveness is included .  I fall into this category . I had trouble forgiving myself from years of living not for Christ and those I hurt .  But I have set myself free from that . .
If you have anger at a certain situation that calls for forgiveness,  friends pray about it..
Just as a thief that will rob you of your treasures ,  bitterness or grudges rob you of happiness .
It’s as if you are placing yourself in prison.  You are under the control of your  emotions . The wall has been built that has enclosed your heart , blocking that hope of forgiveness that can set you free . You are a prisoner !!!!
Forgiveness can not hurt you , you will help you .  You will get your happiness and well being back .
As you learn to forgive , you will discover a part of you that has been silent .. Your heart will waken and that wall will be torn down .
It will become easier and sweeter each time ..  Peace will be on your heart .
You will become stronger more steady in struggles .. Why ? Because what was holding you back is no longer there .
Pray , forgive,  be happy !!!!  Be steadfast !!
Tear down that wall , release yourself  and welcome forgiveness . …   Embrace your freedom !

14   For if you forgive other people when.        they sin against you, your heavenly Father       will also forgive you.
Rachel E Lane

Inspirational Life




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