Stand out of others shadow 

It’s tough being placed in the shadow of someone .. it can be hurtful and almost demeaning .  You are not allowed to be yourself through the eyes of someone else. 

It can be in jobs , family , friends, you can even be shadowed from past relationships , and their families .. It can hurt your self esteem and having you ask many questions about yourself .. that my friends is not a healthy part of life . .
If you are placed in this position , you focus and think about this , ask the question .. 
Is this fair to me ? 
Then say … I AM WORTHY  and I have the right to be myself….not who someone thinks I should or comparing me …. I am the being GOD MADE and that GOD LOVES .. 
 FRIENDS, You are worthy,  you are unique , and you are not someone else Seek your freedom  and live your life. If it can not be accepted through the eyes of those comparing , maybe you need to step out of the line of their vision .  

There has been many times in my life I was placed in those shadows , those shadows covered me with their darkness .  My light was covered by them . It took a great seek and rescue  mission on my part to see myself and appreciate me.. I had to rescue myself from the darkness of those shadows others placed me in … and I DID IT !! 
Be stronger and be who God made …  You don’t need to live in the shadows 

Be determined

Be fearless

You be you …….  find peace and comfort  in the shadow of Christ. It is a beautiful place of freedom and rest … where Jesus loves you for you . .

Inspirational Life 

Rachel E Lane

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