Be aware , be prepared 

The enemy is walking amongst us and watching our every move . Waiting for us to stumble and fall . This enemy is Satan. 
As Generals preparing for war , they learn the ways of their enemies , their opponents.  They plan a strategy and prepare for war.  They know how their enemies work and they plan an attack ..
Shouldn’t we be aware of our enemy’s ways , we have to prepare ourselves for battle , we have to be fully dressed in the armor of God .
Now aware , prepared , and armed … We can fight against his ways and win the battle he has planned .. For God is for us , he.. is… with …us and he prepares us with his words .
Friends , satan comes in many forms amd fashion . He is clever , sneaky , and the prince of lies .  If we can point out his ways , we have the advantage .. We don’t have to guess if its his work.
The bible tells us throughout the work of the evil one and his ways . 
Be aware , be prepared , and be armed with the word of God ..
Through God we shall do valiantly: for he it is that shall tread down our enemies.

Psalm:108:13 KJV 
Rachel E Lane

Inspirational Life

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