Our Gift

Christmas is the time of year of giving , get together, parties , and lots of goodies .
 But sometimes it can get so busy of the worldly celebration , the true reason is forgotten …  
The celebration of our Saviour .. Christ ..

(The first 6 letters of Christmas ) 
 As you think of all the fun things we do wth our children and all the wonderful  fellowship we have with family…

Don’t lose thought of the precious gift from God .. His son .. Jesus .. 
Take a minute and think of this  ..
Christ was born and placed in a little manger with hay in a stable where animals were kept .

Great men, Wise men travelled to see him because they knew the Messiah was born .. A king wanted to kill him as a child because he was a threat .

Jesus grew teaching high priest in his father’s name . 
Jesus loved all , he healed , he raised those from the dead , he fed thousands from tiny portions of food .. 
Jesus and his disciples went out with just their sandles and linens  , nothing but ground to lay upon . 
Our king , our prince of peace , our beloved saviour , the son of God .. A humble and perfect man .
 Remember he went to preach to the poor , the prisoned ,  the sick , the diseased ..he cast out demons .. He love those that many rejected . 
Then the time came …. The purpose of his time on earth ….. His suffering and death for us , to save our souls . 
Christ was tortured , spat upon , cursed , nailed to a cross … His blood dripping from his wounds covering the cross  . This perfect son of God took all the pain and suffering , a debt he did not owe .. Our debt .. 
Why ?  God’s love for us .. You and me ..
 What does that  mean to you ? 
Our gift , the most important gift we will ever receive is the gift God gave us … His precious son .Our Christ .. Our gift of salvation , our gift of eternal life with Christ …..We just have to accept Jesus as our Savior … And our gift will never end……  


So while we think of all our gifts  and our family… Think of one precious gift …..Christ who paid our debt …. Christ … Who loves us …….
 Everyday should be about Jesus not just one …. But just place that thought in your mind this Christmas .
 My special gift from God from which I am blessed and grateful …..I am loved by my Heavenly Father and I thrive for the day I can see my Saviour’s face .. 
Rachel Lane 

Inspirational Life 
Merry Christmas

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