Deflate that ball !

Ever have that type of day you feel your emotions are in a huge ball that’s about to bounce off a cliff ?  You try to be a  strong person that can take anything , that doesn’t need to release emotions  .  But that day you get up you feel like your shaking out of your skin and every word that’s said to you is magnified… Not for the good .. you have held it in way to long .  Its about to pop !
I’ll raise my hand first !!  
Friends , its ok to cry , to get upset .. Its ok to feel hurt or angry ..  
Its ok to feel you have to hide for an hour in a closet to have your time … 
Its ok to talk to someone to release .
Its ok to show emotion and reach out ..
We are not super humans .. We have pain and hurt.  We have fear and confusion ..  Why do you think God made tears , why he made us to cry .. It certainly was not to water our face … 
Its how we handle it that’s important … If you let that ball of emotion go off that cliff , where are they.. At the bottom … Hard to put back together .. 
If you release those emotions , let some of the air out ,  it will deflate  and not be so tight .. You have more control of the deflated ball than one filled with high , uncontrolled emotions .

Let it out , its ok !!!!!
ITS OK !!! Deflate that ball !
Inspirational Life

Rachel E Lane 

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